The National Bank of Belgium

The National Bank of BelgiumThe National Bank of Belgium (Nationale Bank van België, Banque nationale de Belgique, or Belgische Nationalbank) is Belgium’s central bank. The Bank was founded on May 5th, 1850 as a corporation.

National Bank of Belgium is a member of the European System of Central Banks.

Main activities

The main tasks performed by the National Bank of Belgium are:
• To implement monetary policy in the country;
• To issue of euro banknotes and placing them into circulation
• Collection, analysis and dissemination of economic and financial information;
• Maintaining the stability of the financial sector in Belgium;
• Bank represents Belgium in international economic institutions;
• Provision of banking services to the state, individuals and legal entities.

The 50% minus one share of the National Bank of Belgium freely traded on Euronext Brussels stock exchange, the other 50% plus one share are owned by the Government of Belgium.