Foreign Trade in Belgium

Foreign Trade in BelgiumAbout 80% of trade in Belgium accounted for member countries of the European Union. With such a high percentage, the country is going in the direction of diversification and dissemination of trade relations with countries outside the EU.

Belgium ranks 10th as the largest export market for U.S. goods and services. In bilateral relations between the United States and Belgium there are few differences in the economic and trade sphere.

Belgian authorities usually take open-minded position and try to maintain a welcoming and open trade, investment environment. The U.S. government focuses its market efforts to trade with the large European Union markets, and at the same time, the European Commission negotiates trade for all EU member states, which reduces the volume of bilateral negotiations with Belgium.

Exports of commodities: machinery (including station wagons): 23,301.3 (U.S. $ millions) – 10% of Belgian exports(2003), medical mixtures in doses: 20,426.1(U.S. $ millions) – 8.8% of Belgian exports(2003); Diamonds are not inserted into the rim or unidentified: 10,213.4(U.S. $ millions) – 4.4% of Belgian exports(2003) Production of organic chemistry with nitrogen hetero atom; nucleic acid salt and other salts: 7,546.0(U.S. $ millions) – 3.2 % of Belgian exports(2003); Mineral oil (not crude oil): 6,164.4 (U.S. $ millions) – 2.6% of Belgian exports(2003); Spare Parts & Car Maintenance: 4,411.2(U.S. $ millions) – 1.9% of Belgian exports(2003); Technologies for Automatic Data Processing / optical readers: 3,225.5(U.S. $ millions) – 1.4% of Belgian exports(2003); Oil (passing) gas: 3,112.5(U.S. $ millions) – 1.3% of Belgian exports (2003).

Items for imports: machinery and equipment, chemicals, diamonds, pharmaceuticals, food, transport engineering products, oil products.

Largest export partners: Germany 19.4%, France 17.3%, the Netherlands 11.7%, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 8.2%, United States 6.4%, Italy 5.3 % (2005).

Major import partners: Netherlands 17.8%, Germany 17.2%, France 11.4%, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 6.8%, Ireland 6.5 %, United States 5.4 % (2005).